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Get Your Natal Chart Zapped #2

April 12, 2017

Heyo Astro Students!

Here is our next horoscope in Get Your Natal Chart Zapped.

What to do

Thank you everyone who sent in your chart, and one pithy paragraph about yourself. We have a good collection in line, but if you want to throw into the hat, feel free. Make the bio read like the author bio on the back of a dust jacket. (No need to get too forensic about it). But, if you need inspiration, here’s an example from Mr Von Flanagan. He clearly has Mercury conjunct Saturn in the 11th trine Uranus in the third … with Aquarius rising on the Mercury/Uranus midpoint.

McSweedy Von Flanagan the Third is the author of several brilliant literary masterpieces, the most notable of which being, The End Is Near! A story distributed in spoken word by this team of homeless doomsday prophets. An amateur archaeologist, and self proclaimed aficionado of everything really old, Von Flanagan has etched his newest book, I’m Not Crazy, You Are, into clay tablets using only Sumerian hieroglyphs and the letter Q. Asked about his unorthodox approach to publishing, Von Flanagan said, “I’m a genius. If people want to read my books they should have to translate them. They’ll appreciate them more.”

Have fun, but make it relevant!

What happens next

From the submissions will be chosen a chart that Mystic, Kim Falconer and all of you students can give their opinion on. The first example is HERE. Find them all under Get Your Chart Zapped.

It’s awesome practice, weather you’re doing the reading, or being read, so jump into Get Your Natal Chart Zapped, if you are keen.

Keep up the comments! It would be amazing for this to be an ongoing thing.

* * *

Chart for Ashley



Born under a jovial moon on the expansive hellscape of Texas, Ashley is a former-life Scorpion testing the Mars meddle of a current-life Ramzilla.

Her many personalities make it easy to write in the third person, fourth person, fifth person, or shadow person. She is currently working on finishing her M.A. in Self Awareness with a minor in Plutonic Logic from Saturn University (Go Centaurs, woo!).

In her free time you can find her painting with gilded tears, using the gold to strengthen and enforce what was once shattered.

Please send all booking and appearance inquiries to Ashley’s North Node in the 11th house. Ta!


* * * * *

Image by Crispin Korschen



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  • Reply Gemricorn April 13, 2017 at 1:17 am

    WOW, moon uranus conjunct in the 7th, jupiter in the 10th (famous?) – and that mars neptune conjunct-
    ish in the 7th/8th… what a chart and I’m just scratching the surface!

    • Reply batshley April 13, 2017 at 4:37 pm

      *puts chin in hands* scratch away, i am considering myself checked in at the mysic medusa natal chart spa and could use a good exfoliate.

  • Reply Kim April 13, 2017 at 3:02 am

    I love the spirit of adventure here, the Aries Sun in the 11th – talk about Jason searching for the Golden Fleece. Would do well with a band of merry followers. The trine to Saturn is an anchor – a true leader when your heart is in it, Ashley.

    The curious, witty Gem rising adds sparkle and a certain ‘eternal student in search of wisdom’ vibe. Chart ruler is also the ruler of the creative 5th, in Pisces in the 10th … v sensitive and poetic (musical), a contrast to the rough-and-tumble FIRE. Fire wants to be out in the world, Water wants to retreat. Going into a private place to write, paint, script, film, compost and then bringing it out for others to see might unite both drives.
    One-to-many 11th house relationships are easier than one-to-one, especially if you step up and lead the way.
    There is so much growth and learning though, with the 7th house. The Moon there says your greatest comfort is in collaboration/connection but it’s what we call ‘besieged’ between Mars and Uranus. On one hand, Moon in 7th doesn’t want to be alone, but dropping into that moon and feeling what comes up brings Mars (passion, anger, assertion, action) and Uranus (independence, will, eccentricity). You also get Neptune’s longing, compassion, desire for communion … it’s complicated by the square to Mercury (making feelings hard to articulate in the ordinary ways, like speech in the moment) and the trine to Venus, which WANTS to express through socially significant relationships. I think this is the source of the gilded tears, a product of shattering (Uranus).
    But over time, and patience (Saturn) the moon, and Mercury do find ways to express, and usually with a great deal of creative genius.
    I’m wondering how it’s all feeling with Saturn through the 7th by transit. New insights? A teacher appears?
    I think the North Node in Taurus is about learning to allow as oppose to a possible past (life?) of relying on compelling or manipulating. The gift here is that you recognize when ppl are doing it to you, which means you can stand your own ground, without resentment, and bring people, things, $$ etc to you with a natural allure. Practice makes perfect.

    • Reply batshley April 13, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      You’ve really hit the astrological nail on thus Aries’ head in your analysis. Especially with how I can unite both separate drives. Since the start of my Saturn Return I began to paint and draw (something I never allowed myself previously out of fear of rejection), which has led to being involved with a few art shows.

      It’s indeed much easier for me to connect with many than it is for me to stay connected with one. I have built up my own networks in my passions, but the tight, one-on-one friendships tend to morph into competition and resentment despite my best efforts. I hold on too long out of hopes that it’s not a forever dynamic, but things tend to explode in my face and there is a falling out. Then strange, ultra competitive and undermining arrows are lobbed at me from a distance. It’s all been one long lesson I chose to ignore until Saturn came knocking at my door.

      My Saturn Return has had me really digging deep in therapy to uncover my role in this dynamic and also build a foundation of self love and acceptance. The stronger it’s gotten the easier it’s been to get in touch with an intuition I never knew was within me. Although my Saturn is technically in the 6th, the tour through the 7th has truly opened my eyes how the dynamics of my partnerships affect my 6th house, and how when it’s out of balance so are my aspirations and my pathway to achieving them. Chiron in Gemini on the Ascendant, though… so indeed, practice makes perfect. I feel like I’ve gone to having my spiritual voice cracking anytime I opened my mouth, to starting the build up to a battle cry of love.

      • Reply batshley April 13, 2017 at 4:35 pm

        To expand on the weird competitive and resentful dynamic, in the past I have had the tendency to befriend and let in anyone who spoke to me. This has led to a lot of boundaryless people kicking down any barriers I may have had and setting up shop. What at first feels like an empowering friendship sooner than later turns into an odd feeling of being trapped in a cage. I take pride in my ability to inspire and creatively encourage the people in my life. I’m an Aries, if your creative fire is dwindling or gone, I’ll light a match with my hair and sit by your hearth until the flames are stoked. It’s just what I do! The best way I can think to describe the dynamic shift with some friendships is that select people are subconsciously aware of my insta-inspo pixie dust, and try to put me in a box for their own or exclusive benefit. This eventually turns into jealousy and competitive dynamics when they realize I’m beholden to only myself.

        • Reply Mystic Medusa April 18, 2017 at 12:16 pm

          i think this also describes a lot of people pre the first Saturn Return!!!

      • Reply Kim April 14, 2017 at 12:54 am

        It’s wonderful how you say “battle cry of love”. It so fits the Aries and Mars in the 7th (and on cusp of the 8th).

        I think your Sun square to Mars conjunct Neptune is a challenging arrangement. The sun wants to shine. Neptune wants to disappear. Mars wants to compete, and win, at all costs; Neptune wants to let others race ahead. His desires are different than winning. Your Aries sun might be appalled by the seeming ‘leak’ of energy and intention Neptune with Mars constitutes. And to BE Aries, you would naturally want to hush Neptune up. Which is impossible, because what we resist persists.

        So Neptune goes underground, (taking your creative Muse with him) and, as lower Neptune, pops up in the voice and actions of others. Deception, manipulation. Betrayal. That’s one scenario.

        Another is you sublimate your leading, competitive edge in favor of Neptune, get supper creative, give your all to connections and THEY act out the more warrior, (competitive) side of your nature.

        It doesn’t happen like this all the time, of course, but when it does happen, it can feel totally WTF? Either way.

        The goal is to find ways to express strength AND sensitivity. Competition AND compassion. Creativity and deceptiveness (YIKES! I meant creativity AND Decisiveness) sheesh! … you can make a list and just put awareness on the dichotomy. You don’t have to ‘do’ anything about it. Just notice it. Say, “oh, here’s my warrior” or “Wow, there’s my compassion. Notice, and allow.

        You do the same with the Moon/Uranus Freedom Vs. Closeness dilemma. We talked about this before in the first chart Zap, I think. Moon wants love and connection, to need and be needed. Uranus wants freedom, autonomy and independence. Aries Sun probably favors Uranus, making Moon languish. She wants a loving relationship with friends and an intimate partner. Yes, Saggo says she needs a lot of space, but without partnership, it’s hard to ‘know’ your feelings … so again, you notice when you are feeling ‘close’ and when you are feeling ‘free’. As you become consciously aware that you are BOTH, you will allow both into your life with less of the underworld demons.

        What about your relationship to your body? How would you describe that?

        You don’t have to answer here. Just think about it and see what comes up.

        There are very interesting ‘past life’ connections to having these diverse modes of expression. Those might be helpful to explore at some point as well – not to dwell or blame, but to see and appreciate.

        • Reply batshley April 15, 2017 at 4:34 pm

          You are blowing my mind, those Neptune/Mars/Sun scenarios describe my ex marriage and also closest friend dynamics. Some par of me has been aware the competitive aspect that pops up is a reflection of myself I’ve tried to repress but it’s been hard to get a handle on.

          Gonna have to soak this in And everything else. Thank you

      • Reply Mystic Medusa April 18, 2017 at 12:16 pm

        This may be the best worked and most aware Saturn transit i have heard of!

  • Reply Powderfinger April 13, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Uranus, Moon, Mars in 7th makes me think of C Walken sayin, “Yeah, it’s crazy, like you know, just crazy”

    But Pluto having one half of the chart to it’s self (excluding Saturn just below the Dsc) must make you a bit Scorp???

    • Reply batshley April 14, 2017 at 12:58 am

      Oh yes. Scorpio is near my South Node so I can’t help but be a little prickly. Your point about Pluto mostly having the bottom half as its domain is pretty apt. My inner world is very Scorpionic and intense and the majority of my partnerships have been karmic in testing my ability to let go of those who manipulate me and choose myself instead.

  • Reply Laura April 14, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    I’m going with my gut here…
    Ashley has a bad habit of projecting her power onto those she is in relationship with, and she has a hard time letting go. Until things blow up, and then she does too. She may have an issue with healthy boundaries, and she may delude herself and “act out.” She may attract powerful, controlling types and at first may think she is the damsel being rescued by the white prince, but after a while it may turn into too controlling of a scene and she has to bolt. Often the cause of her pain and obstacles are her own self – she gets in her own way, and/or she is not aware of the choices she is making – she may be drifting into patterns. Becoming at peace with her divine feminine, peaceful, beautiful self and going higher through friends and loved ones, as well as through art – maybe creating art with friends or the community? – will help salve her wounds. Men may be difficult to deal with in her life, too many power struggles. Although if she could find a nice Pisces, it might work out better than it would with another fiery, male personality. She has a lot of healing potential, for herself and for others, but she will have to go through the fires of initiation first. <3

    • Reply batshley April 15, 2017 at 4:18 pm

      Pretty good analysis, Laura. I’ve been digging pretty deep in therapy the past few years and it’s helped a lot with the power dynamic and communication themes. It’s been quite a feeling to recognize and accept my role in contributing to the patterns in my life.

      • Reply Laura April 16, 2017 at 1:30 am

        🙂 <3

  • Reply Lux Int April 15, 2017 at 12:12 am

    Wow, I’m no chart expert…

    The Cap action (Venus and Neptune) look like they might be a bit at odds with the freedom loving saggo planets.

    Saturn in Saggo says Deep Study to me, also publishing/media/academia and a slow hard road to hoe, but oh the benefits reaped!

    • Reply batshley April 15, 2017 at 4:20 pm

      I’ve been hoeing like a madwoman since Saturn entered Sagittarius! It feels so integrated into my personality now I’m not sure how I will ever stop

  • Reply Sagitta April 15, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Hi Ashley,

    I read in a book (by James Hillman, I think) that when a planet makes no significant aspects (such as conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines, or sextiles) to another planet, it’s called “peregrine.” Hillman says peregrine planets can operate in a very wild, uncontrolled way in your life and take on a lot of power since they are not constrained by other planets.

    I noticed that your Lilith –(Diclaimer: Lilith is not a planet but an imaginary point on the moon’s ecliptic) — has nothing whatsoever to do with any other planet. No aspects. Nada. So it looks like your Lilith is peregrine. This would mean that you have an extra-strong “Leave me alone” “I gotta be free” vibe– the thing that is Lilith’s characteristic trait. It does seem like your Lilith kicks in when you are in a relationship from the comments given above. In her Bitchcraft book, Mystic talks about Lilith in 12H as artistic and intuitive. Mystic’s icon for Lilith 12H is Sarah Bernhardt, whose motto was “Quand meme?” (So what?) I’m wondering if you feel inspired/attracted to the Lilith myth. (My daughter , who has Lilith exact on her AC, has adored owls –Lilith’s totem bird– since childhood.)

    Speaking for myself, I found Hillman’s analysis very revealing because I happen to have a “peregrine Venus.” Venus only makes 2 semi-sextiles, a quincunx, and a biquintile in my chart. It helped me understand why I have a Massive Thing for art; why so many of my good friends are artists; why I am keen on good design, fashion, etc.

    • Reply batshley April 19, 2017 at 5:55 pm

      Sagitta I am so glad you shared this! I am going to read more up on peregrine placements.

      I adore Lilith. I also have Waldemath/Dark Moon Lilith exact on my Jupiter. Asteroid Lilith 1 degree from my Midheaven. I was raised Catholic/went to Catholic school, and was always filled with a general disdain and eventual rage at the Catholic church. When I first read about Lilith giving God and Adam the finger and leaving it resonated deeply. Aside from that I am extremely passionate about women’s health issues (I am from the US, where women’s bodies and health are used as a political poker chip), and believe heavily in the power of women. Part of my goal in this life cycle is to use my voice to empower and lift women up and do whatever I can to break the idea that we are catty, unable to do things on our own, and not powerful.

  • Reply Mystic Medusa April 18, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Okay – i have some whimsical observations – Pluto on South Node in 6th = past lifetimes of service and in a complex way in treacherous environments. Midwife to the Medici family. Service as Vestal Virgin. Genius but misunderstood shrink. Your Soul Pod (people with South Node close to yours) includes Clint Eastwood, Linda Lovelace, Bernard Henri Levy, Neil Armstrong, Winston Churchill…

    Moon-Uranus in 7th house craves space and exciting, WOW conversations and rapport that zing you right up – Chiron Rising in Gemini is constantly projected onto and sought for solutions/to be the caring one – which would frustrate the hell out of your Moon Uranus – Sun square Neptune would be classic slippery friendships. IN old fashioned textbooks that is like beware friends and money, loans etc but maybe this is more some sort of psychic version of it…?

    Mercury – chart ruler – in 10th = renown for your thought style, words, sensibility …that is just off top of head…but your public image may end up being totally different from your ‘true’ self…also, Uranus on North Node trine your Mars will attract a very interesting bit of business into your orb i think…what do you think?

    • Reply batshley April 19, 2017 at 5:43 pm

      Wow, the Chiron & Moon/Uranus assessment is very on point. Addressing that has been a major point of contention during my Saturn Return. I naturally take up a rescuer/helper role. I work for a non-profit, I listen and cheer up friends going through their own karmic patterns they are confused by, I more or less am an inspiration springboard. Past life unconventional shrink makes a lot of sense to me hahah. I’ve been working pretty diligently in therapy to own up to my role in contributing to the depletion of my resources with this, though. I’ve been very surprised to see that putting myself first has been transformational. I’m an Aries with a Saggo stellium so doing so without stamping about and accidentally catching the couch on fire has been a learning process.

      Neptune has been a trip. I’ve never quite deeply considered my Neptune 8th placement bc it confuses me (I guess classically Neptune of me lol). But seeking out and creating avenues to psychically self sacrifice and torture myself to fulfill some deep subconscious desire to transform and unite defines who I was (am? We’ll see). It’s interesting, because if I think about it I’m honestly not sure how much of that is me giving it all away out of a desire to people please, or if it is coaxed out of me like a spigot being jammed into a ram-horned coconut. I know things tend to lie somewhere in the middle. It’s a tightly held belief of mine now that I have the choice so long as I live my life consciously and don’t fall back to pre-actualized patterns.

      I am very much looking forward to the Uranus North Node conjunction. It’s been my light at the end of the Saturn Return tunnel. What you mention about chart ruler in the 10th, also rings extremely true. It’s frustrating because I have a deep desire to be heard, but for the most part it feels as though I am speaking a language only I know how to understand.

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