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Astro-Exploration 101

June 1, 2017
Kris Chau Astro-Exploration 101

Hey all you lovely Astro Fiends and hackers! Welcome to your Astro-Exploration 101 guided tour.

Why Astro-Exploration 101?

Instead of roving through the staggering number of topics, posts and tips on the site, I’d like to intro you to Categories. They’re the Virgo quick fix to any Neptunian study nightmares. Between them, and Astro-Exploration 1o1 links, you can create a course of study that suits your needs. All the posts range from basic to advanced topics and are categorized by general topic. Still, students find having a quick link to right discussion is easier than combing the index or main page.

Here are the Go To’s for getting the most out of Mystic’s Astrology School.

I’m a newbie and don’t know where to begin.

Start with the basics by going through all 12 signs, then all 12 houses and then, the planets. With the planets category, do the major ones first. That’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Move on to asteroids and transiting planets later … Once you’re solid with planets, signs and houses, move on to aspects.

I know the basics but how do I put it all together and actually read a chart?

Start by following the Get Your Chart Zapped posts. Seeing how others read can really help. Also, the Random Discussion Points highlight various chart features and how to spot them. Other insights are found in: Stripping Back A Chart, Some Rules!, Mystery Chart Reading, A Test!, Simplified Solar Returns and even The Official “Soulmate” Indicators.

How do I learn Relationship Astrology?

All the synastry, composite and soul-mate posts are under the category of Relationship Astrology.

What about predictive astrology?

Everything you want to know is under Transits & Progressions, Simplified Solar Returns. When you have those solid, check the intermediate and Advanced categories for more.

I would love to understand the asteroids in astrology. Where do I find them?

Current posts on asteroids like Eros, Pandora, name asteroids etc are under the planets category.

What else is there?

Make sure you go through the Extra Points section in the index. There you’ll find the Nodes, Part of Fortune and the Vertex. Also, scroll down on the index page for Techniques. We have In Conversations Q & A Audio, Chart Patterns, Speedy Tips and a whole lot more.

This is great but is there anything more advanced?

Oh yes, and we add more all the time. Check the Advanced Category for anything from Midpoints to Draconic Zodiac, Horary astrology to Elective Surgery charts.

Can’t find what you’re after?

Email support for guidance.

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