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Welcome to Astro School

The content of the site, the lessons, posts, audio and astrology charts in the gallery, can only be accessed by Astro-School students. Although, to be fair, it is really more of a big astrological library that people hang out in.  If you are already a member of the Astro-School, you can log in here.

If you would like to get lifetime access to the Astro-School and its vast wealth of astrological information, tips, hacks and discussion, it is included in Mystic Medusa’s 24 month Mega Mystic membership OR you can buy it as a separate item here.

Astro Hacks began as a series of 99 lessons (find all the topics on the Index Page) but has morphed into a community where avid astro fiends (newbies and experienced people alike) share charts, learn at their own pace and chat about the current astrology weather, their charts, examples and more.

In fact, the way i see it now, it reminds of the esoteric bookshops I used to hang around in as a teenager. I love that it is a place where people can come and sift through information, to learn more about my favorite subject – astrology -, magic, themselves, other people and cycles of our mysterious but ever-communicative galaxy.

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