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May 6, 2017

Hey all you astro fiends. Here is Get your Chart Zapped #3 & #4.

I’ve put two charts and two bios up this time, and a quick look will tell you why. They are VERY similar, just a few days apart. We can learn a lot by how they sync and how they differ.

I want you to think about what’s core in both charts, what comes up in the bios, how the same planets might be expressed differently, and where they veer off the parallel track (like Asc, house cusps, Moon, POF, Chart Tone, Chart Pattern, what else?) Jump in and have a go!

Get Your Chart Zapped – Dr Who

She might look like a mermaid but lift up that camo-print tail and you’ll find distinctly caprine hooves. She’s climbed literal and metaphorical mountains and makes standing on a cliff edge look peaceful, even if she’s a sweating stressball inside. Her empathetic heart and nurturing aura are a neon-lit sign to Qi-vamps on public transport; thank God/her Mum for the little silver car that’s now an extension of her Zen Bubble. Her hobbies include combining never-ending study with adventure tourism, playing life like a chess game where every variable 8 steps ahead is accounted for, and obsessing over how to switch off obsessional thinking. She’s surrounded by wonderful people and yet she’s always looking for that one true tribe, probably just a few steps ahead of her on the mountain goat track.

Get Your Chart Zapped – Krilly

Krilly Moon Snail is a professional wanderer and wonderer currently living on planet Earth, warmly remembered across galaxies far and wide for jumping right into the thick of a niche and then wrangling a disappearing act. Krilly charms and warms the cockles of the crustiest hearts, is capable of coaxing a smile from the tightest cat’s arse mouth. But the millisecond she detects a cloying tentacle of attachment or sticky sentiment she dissipates quicker than devilled eggs at a potluck! Adept in myriad forms of art and expression, Krilly senses the nuances in vibration emitted from any being and is able to channel the energy they desire with chameleon precision. A terminal avoider of highschool reunions and baby showers, Krilly’s life work is in the living of it, and in the letting go of all which no longer resonates. Including dignity. Krilly has, for reasons unbeknownst to her, shat her pants in public more times than any adult human being she has ever met. She likes turtles, flower essences and all forms of risk taking behaviour, with a particular penchant for the most frowned upon taboos.

How to Get Your Chart Zapped

Thank you everyone who sent in your chart, and one pithy paragraph about yourself.

We have a good collection in line, but if you want to throw into the hat, feel free. Make the bio read like the author bio on the back of a dust jacket. (No need to get too forensic about it). But, if you need inspiration, check the examples in the category – Get Your Chart Zapped.

What happens next

Weekly, a submission will be chosen that Mystic, Kim Falconer and all of you students can give their opinion on.ย  Find them all under the category Get Your Chart Zapped.

Itโ€™s awesome practice, weather youโ€™re doing the reading, or being read for, so jump into Get Your Natal Chart Zapped, if you are keen.

Keep up the comments! It would be amazing for this to be an ongoing thing.




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  • Reply kel May 6, 2017 at 4:21 am

    Wow! First thing that strikes me is that Dr Who and I both share the same true node angle, albeit in different houses. From the sounds of your bio Dr Who it does seem that we both have this insatiable penchant for traversing space and knowledge for traces of the ‘tribe’. I’m in my third college degree already, can’t stop the learning habit ๐Ÿ˜‰ it seems for me certainly that my true node in cancer is for the purpose of learning to share feelings, open up with people more and allow myself to be a part of all the tribes instead of running away all the time. Hows it playing out for you? I certainly find it easy to channel a lot of energy into research and study and solitary activists like meditation but when it comes to forging real and lasting relationships it’s going to be my life’s work ๐Ÿ™‚ I find it the most difficult thing ever

    Your Mars in the twelfth house squaring ninth house moon… Please say you studied psychology/ criminology/ forensics.

    Also… Public transport qi vamps lol this was defo a problem for me for years.

    • Reply Kel May 6, 2017 at 2:17 pm

      Holy crabcakes we both have Mars and Merc in aqua too… Hehehe do you sometimes stop talking for days at a time but then get downloads of pure wisdom that you verbally transmit to others in a ridiculously oddball way that people kind of believe but also think you’re crayyyyy???

      • Reply Astro Hacks May 7, 2017 at 6:36 am

        I’m so curious to see Dr Who’s response to your chart. You make some great comparisons here. I’m going to think more on this, but the nodes by house are very interesting – esp since the S node is conjunct the sun, in your case and sun in the 7th in Dr Who’s case – both creating an identity paradox.

      • Reply Mystic Medusa May 7, 2017 at 12:29 pm

        This is one the best descriptions i have heard of Mercury-Mars in Aqua – i have Mercury in Aries quincunx Uranus in Virgo (so a Uranian Mercury) and i can relate.

        • Reply Kel May 7, 2017 at 1:15 pm

          Hoooo I’d imagine with Aries Merc that the downloads would come through and just blast out of you like a gattling gun sometimes, regardless of whether the timing is appropriate or not … I tip my hat appreciatively in your direction ๐Ÿ˜‰ How fitting for Uranus in Virgo quincunx Aries Merc to blaze a trail of empowering astro knowledge and wisdoms on this Aqua-age techy bizz that is the internet. Rejoice!

  • Reply jacqui May 6, 2017 at 4:55 am

    same the same but not, the pattern of Dr Who is obs top active and Pluto jumped out at me in the 8th sexual house. Where as Krilly has Pluto in the 4th domestic house. The moon and ascendants have cycled as well so here I believe are the major differences. Cap sun, Moon Scorp, Ascendant Pisces vs Cap sun, Moon Virgo, Ascendant Node-d and Just a crab. If you went deeper still I would look at the ruling planets placements and their houses. Squares… Conjuncts… et cetera, et cetera. Man! I wanna read Kim’s take on this

    • Reply Kim May 7, 2017 at 6:53 am

      Hi Jacqui,

      Chart patters are indeed revealing here. Looking only at the traditional planets, Kel has a bowl pattern (all within 180 degrees, putting focus on the 3rd to 8th houses. Usually the core values pertaining to those area’s of life are quite strong. Dr Who’s a bundle (we aren’t counting Chiron or other asteroids) with all the planets within 120 degrees. Usually this is even more intense, for houses 8 – 12, and more restless as well.

      Looking at the chart rulers is another great jumping off place, as well as the elemental and modality emphasis. Moon in Virgo for Kel, and Jupiter AND Neptune in Sago for Dr Who. One is about personal feelings and connection, the other about trans-personal ideas and beliefs.

      Kel’s chart tone is Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) – focused strength with an emphases on self-sufficiency. Dr Who’s Chart Tone is Fixed Air (Aquarius) – focused and unusual communication with an emphases on knowledge and wisdom. The ivory tower, perhaps?

  • Reply Sagitta May 6, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    What I noticed right away about both charts is that lovely sequence of planets.

    In Dr. Who’s chart, they spread out like a rainbow at the top of the chart. Pallas Athena conjunct the MC is so appropriate for someone who engages in study and adventure!

    Krilly’s chart looks like a bow, with the South Node at the center of the bow– the place where you would place your hand. The South node conjunct the DC seems appropriate for someone who has learned hard lessons about the downside of being a people-pleaser in a past life. In this life, the north node seems to be signaling Krilly that developing an authentic and sustainable persona is going to be your life’s work.

    In two charts that are so alike, I thought the key might be to really focus on the angles. Dr. Who’s chart emphasizes the MC; Neptune and Pallas are conjunct the MC in the 10th house. This suggests a strong emphasis on work, gaining recognition for skills, and devoting one’s energies to a profession/vocation. In Krilly’s chart, the AC is emphasized, not the MC, suggesting that Being, not Doing should be the focus.

    • Reply Kim May 7, 2017 at 7:08 am

      I think someone with Pallas on the MC definitely has a plan, a strategy. It may change over time, but yes, they don’t hold back.

      I agree that the NN in Cancer on the Asc is about developing an identity that is sharing, nurturing and open to collaboration. Symbiosis. How can we do this better together. It opposes the South Node in Capricorn suggesting that the notion of self-sufficiency, of making it on your own, is accomplished, and maybe even over done at the expense of connection. It’s tricky, conjunct the Sun in Cappy and with a Cappy Chart tone, because those indicators are saying to develop the Capricorn energy… but through relationship. A paradox. Be individuated AND connected. Be strong AND vulnerable. The bones and the flesh. I would say in a past life a little too much energy went into building a empire, leading a cause, being the authority at the expense of family, connection, nurturing, collaboration. Now the job is to do both, for both Kel and Dr Who, without tossing the qualities of strength, wisdom and ambition that Cappy brings. It’s like, find a new way to do Capricorn (with S Node conjunct the sun) and develop the empathy, emotional creativity and personal ties of Cancer.

      Interesting with the MC and Asc. I find Neptune conjunct the MC, or Pisces there can take a little longer to work out what the career, mission or profession is. Actually, any outer planet in the 10th can have that resistance, because it’s so important. Both MC are Fire and ruled by yang planets, and both Asc are water, ruled by yin. The big difference is in the modality. Kel’s cardinal Asc is more action oriented (even with cautious Cancer there) where mutable angles can be more flexible – a little more go with the flow.

      Great points!

    • Reply Kel May 7, 2017 at 1:30 pm

      couldn’t agree more on the chart focus. Totes is all about the being not the doing with emphasis on AC. Ahhhh, now to BE that and stop DOING so many things, so many things !!
      I’m thinking Neptune lurking so near the Saggy MC would be conducive to some pretty wild life dreams! I’m thinking also you’d probably get away with selling snake oil if you were that way inclined…although of course you’re not because as IF that cap sun would let you compromise on such a thing as moral obligations to clients pffft! Seriously though that has to be a good placement for anyone interested in setting up shop in the business of a roving gypsy wagon tarot service or mediumship right? Although Mars aqua, always that pull for it to be a win win situation for humanity as a whole. Hmm interesting. What are you doing with all this in life right meow?

  • Reply Kim May 7, 2017 at 7:38 am

    There is so much here, in these two charts. I’ll probably come back to this over the next few days with snippets of insights.
    I already mentioned the paradox of the South Node in the sign of the sun, in conversation with Sagitta, but let’s look at the house differences. We know that N Node in Cancer is about furthering the ‘mothering’ principle through creative expression, family, tribe, collaboration, connection; the S Node in Cappy says ambition and power and dominance is handled, but there could be a lingering pattern of that expression. But for both, the Sun in Cappy says be ambitions, be powerful, dominate the world!

    I think the goal now is to be ambitious for the clan or tribe, bring about powerful collaborations, find ways change the way the community sees, treats or supports family (how ever we define it).

    But in what houses is this activated? That’s a key difference.

    For Dr Who, NN in Cancer is in the 4th – acclaim is already second nature (S node in 10th). It’s the soul power, inner life and emotional connections to clan that wants focus and development.

    For Kel, the NN in Cancer on the Asc (I’m reading it in the first because it is in the act of rising) is about developing personal powers of expression. In the past, the partner might have held the reins. Now it’s time to take them and move forward, with compassion and grace.

    It doesn’t mean that there can be no accomplished career or sustaining personal relationship. It just means that inner work, and individuality must be focused on, and nurtured. For Kel, committed relationships help her understand who she is (Sun in the 7th) and for Dr Who, it’s both the tribe and the sense of purpose (sun on the cusp of the 10/11th) that reveals true identity. In both cases, it’s a balancing act between self and others.

    How interesting is it that both have Mercury exalted in Aquarius and less than half a degree apart, even though Venus moved 6 degrees in that time and changed signs! It’s always good to check the rate of motion of any planet when thinking about the natal, or transit, chart. In this case, Mercury is nearly dead in the water, (stationary) with Dr Who’s Mercury Rx; Kel’s direct. Both, of course, have Mercury square the potent Saturn/Pluto conjunction (a symbol of survival and staying power). I get the feeling the early environment may not have been conducive, at first, to what either of them needed – but the gift is in the drive that sent them out searching, developing ‘in spite of’ and not giving up. Tenacious to the core….

    I’m going to come back with thoughts on the Moons, and give you all a chance to comment.

    I love these examples!

    • Reply Kel May 7, 2017 at 12:58 pm

      Oh yes I love your interp! Very apt take on the paradox of SN in the sign of the Cappy tugging in opposition to Asc/NN in Cancer. It’s funny…very often I have been offered positions in management and leadership in the field I currently work in (youth work – homeless and women’s shelters) and I’ve never gone for it. Doesn’t excite me. I like being on the ground interfacing directly with clients am an adept at providing nurturing space and presence for people who haven’t ever had it.
      The cappy streak comes out in me with regards to getting any job, learning experience or creative project done to the best possible standard rather than desiring power or a moving up in the ranks. So while I looove having a lot of time to navel gaze, meditate and cultivate veggies, I have this massive workaholic streak that is turning my adrenal glands into sultanas. Case in point…my current full time work load combined with full time study load and an illustration gig stuffed in there too for fun. Dr Who is this workaholic thing happening for you with your cap sun nestling in the tenth house there?? Haha I can’t even begin to imagine…
      Too right, the home environment wasn’t especially conducive to actualising the cosmic expansion I’m most excited about. To be honest landing in the 80’s in Australia must have been a wtf for a lot of folks…clumps of men wearing stubbies and guzzling VB/EB around BBQs full of charred gross sausages and then watching footy on the telly…omfg hahaha …yes yes it was all the momentum I needed to excel in every subject at school and try every psychedelic plant species ever and effectively beam on up, Scotty.
      this whole learning to be strong AND vulnerable thing though…sheeesh. I’ve been taking flower essences, getting acupuncture and kinesiology and making conscious efforts to open up more to others with regards to my inner terrain and I have to say the old coping mechanism of running into the warm gooey arms of dark chocolate is impeding the progress a bit. Definitely there is progress and as you’ve pointed out, not exactly the chart indicators of a quitter…
      Dr Who where are you! I wanna hear what your interps are!

  • Reply NinthHouse May 8, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Oh please excuse my late arrival! Had to laugh re-reading my bio as have just stepped out of the mountains, where I had a stage 5 clinger / vamp / mentally-unsound creepazoid attach himself to me uninvited for 4 days. Still trying to shake off the vibes.

    This is such a cool comparison of charts! I’m actually forced to think about planets and relationships in houses that aren’t represented in my chart. And I’ve loved reading all the comments so far.

    Kel – yes yes yes, onto my fifth degree – nearly equal parts creative writing / art history and science / psychology / medicine. I can now work like a travelling tradesperson, but there’s definitely no snake oil in my bag! It’s interesting that we’re both in the business of helping others, while cramming in study and some art as well. Maybe my Neptune on MC is how Kim described it… I have the sense that all these varying paths of study and work are actually just the building blocks of something that culminates in the future. For me that culmination is not about recognition, but absolutely about a purpose that is bigger than my own needs or desires. Re: Mars/Aqua – yes I will think think think in silence and then only write or speak it once fully formed. I’m not someone who says things they later regret. And I write full assignments in a day after pondering the information for weeks. Maybe this is my stationary Merc in fixed Aqua as opposed to yours moving ahead?

    Sagitta’s doing vs being idea definitely rings true. Kel, I’ve always found my Cappy Sun/Lilith conjunction works pretty naturally in the 10th house, intense as it might seem. How do you find it in your 7th?? See I can’t imagine having the same strive for achievement in something as fluid as relationships! And do you have any strong thoughts on your Jupiter/Uranus, Saturn/Pluto, and Moon? For me these are tough but informative placements. Do they stand out to you as well?

  • Reply kel May 8, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Haha I love the you just came off a mountain, and sorry to hear about the creep! Feel free to tell the next one you’re practising a five day banquet of silence and don’t even look at that sucka until he leaves ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yeah striving for achievement in relationships doesn’t come naturally to me either – with regards to intimate relationships I seem to yearn for a level of intimacy that I am at this stage unable to attain… Which is most likely a good indication of there being a massive fear block there. Working on it! I definitely spend more time single than partnered and am happy with this arrangement. The relationships I have had where I lived with partners, they very quickly have become dependent on me because I tend to have capacity to run around and get all the things done before others have even thought about getting off the couch. Not cool. Kinesiology happening to break that pattern.

    As for Lilith in my seventh hanging around the sun…welp… I’ve certainly been much more capable of involving myself in rockstar style sexual capers than most of the sensible caps i know. With no guilt or regrets ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saturn/ Pluto is the diamond in the rough… Or will be when I’ve fully overcome my general sense of alienation being on planet earth. It already comes in super handy in downloading wisdoms when counseling the youth I work with. A Spidey sense of where anyone’s trauma had come from and how to nourish them.

    The moon is my chart ruler and my everything! Being in Virgo I get in touch with my feelings by Zen arranging cupboards and meticulously cleaning the house. The amount of emotional energy I absorb from the cosmos and from those around me requires more work before it’s effectively transmuted. Emotional alchemist will be something I am excited to add to my resume ๐Ÿ™‚ how goes your moon?

    Jupe and Uranus definitely provide creative gifts and a rampant disregard for whether others like what I’m expressing or creating ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you?

    • Reply NinthHouse May 10, 2017 at 3:25 am

      I have similar feelings about these planets as you. Uranus in my 9th makes me a solo adventurer and learner, but Jupiter there makes me feel like I’m… somehow ‘allowed’ to be. Kind of like you say, disregard as to whether others approve of it or not. My free pass.

      Interesting – I’m also very drawn to my moon, even though it’s not chart ruler. I suspect it’s where I get my capacity for empathy, my soft spot amongst a chart full of drive.

      Saturn/Pluto in my 8th makes me a little nervous. I guess I find a connection here to seeing death regularly in my work, having a healthy respect for the occult, and thriving on change almost to the point of necessity. I also attribute my freak magnetism to this placement. Does Pluto in your 4th mean you see ‘home’ as changeable, fluid? And does Saturn make for heavy work with family of origin?

      Also, how do you feel about your houses that are empty of planets?

  • Reply kel May 10, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    I reckon Pluto in the 8th makes for double barrelled depth charge with any area of life…leaving no stone unturned and seeing right to the core of things.

    Your pieces ascendant would be contributing a pretty big layer of softness too yes?

    I think Pluto in my fourth probably accounts for why I don’t feel at home anywhere. On earth anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    Family of origin was in earlier years a mighty struggle but it’s really really good now. So yeah I guess that is pretty saturnine indeed.

    Empty houses in my chart…welp second house – I don’t really need material recognition or care much about money. With the ninth house it’s empty but I’m obsessed with learning new stuff!!! Maybe moon in opposition is driving that. Tenth house same thing… I’ve turned back lots of promotion opportunities and job interviews too because it’s not the way in which I grade my evolution.

  • Reply virgosun October 13, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    I share a birthday with Charlie Sheen so would love to get my chart zapped alongside his

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