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With some caveats – see below – believe all the nice things you have heard about Jupiter, Astrology and Good Fortune.  Know thy Jupiter!

Jupiter in your natal chart shows where you are blessed. One way or another, you have a natural advantage there that others just do not have.

You look at the sign and the house of your Jupiter. Look also to anything is conjunct. That is, literally right next to. Think “adjacent.”

For a GOOD time, find your natal Jupiter and understand it.

First, some examples of Jupiter People

J.K. Rowling – the multi-millionaire author – has Jupiter Rising in Gemini. She is our case study on the Astro-Hacks page and her chart is posted there.

Paul Newman, the archetypal Hollywood leading man with an extraordinarily enduring career, was Jupiter in Capricorn Rising. Jane Fonda has the same deal.

Is Jupiter always just pure raw Awesome and endurance? Not necessarily. Jupiter can also be the influence of blow-out and excess. It was William Blake, the artist, poet & a Sun-Jupiter in Sagittarius man, who wrote “the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”

A sad note: River Phoenix, the talented young actor who died of a drug overdose at the Viper Club in 1993, was Jupiter Rising. The path of excess indeed.

If you see a strong Jupiter – conjunct Ascendant, the Midheaven, Sun, Moon or personal planet – you think this person could max this WAY OUT. Jupiter can go over the top. It can be over the top ambition, over the top charisma or over the top appetite for psychedelics.

Jupiter needs management. Think “team of wild stallions.” But generally speaking, Jupiter is a generous giver of raw talent and out-size ego/sex appeal. Musicians Kanye West, Mick Jagger and Adele all have their Sun conjunct Jupiter.

Actors Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey are Venus-Jupiter people.

Unless you let it go completely to seed, Jupiter GIVES.

Jupiter is named Thor in the Norse pantheon and he is Zeus in the Greek one. His Ancient Sanskrit name is Guru and he is also linked with Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. Even in the solar system, Jupiter is so damn good that the planet is said to exert a protective effect on Earth/Gaia. His gravity field is so huge, he pulls stray asteroids out of our way and into his orbit.

Jupiter is traditionally exalted in the sign of Cancer and in the 4th House. But don’t worry too much about this for now. Saying planets are exalted or in their “detriment” is not particularly helpful in most cases and people freak out too much about them.

But, should your Jupiter be “exalted”, sure take that as a bonus on top of an already pretty much top planetary influence.

Once you’ve found your Jupiter – then what?

Meditate upon what this means for you. Jupiter is where you can push things. Jupiter is where you’ve got raw luck. Jupiter means GO FOR IT. Jupiter is where you are permanently green-lit.
Jupiter is your lush green field that just keeps on producing ripe beautiful juicy fruit.

Good sound astrological management demands that you do not get complacent in your Jupiter zone – you treat it with respect, you don’t take it for granted. It’s not like Saturn, where you never turn your back on that mo-fo. But it is an area where things can get a little flaccid, if you’re not careful.

Like how some people inherit wealth and don’t feel it or appreciate it as they did not have to work for it. THAT can happen with Jupiter if you’re not approaching his vibe with an attitude of gratitude.

Jupiter also reigns over education – the getting of wisdom as a basically spiritual path – and religion. People with strong Jupiter placements tend to have an intense faith; in themselves, in God/Goddess, in the Earth as deity, in something. Even the atheists have faith in rationality and the power of science.

So here are some ideas to get you thinking about YOUR Jupiter placement. And you will be thinking about it. Look at both the HOUSE and the SIGN of your natal Jupiter. They are both important. But remember, the whole chart is what counts. Ultimately, you won’t be looking at these or your Jupiter (or anything) in isolation.

But this is how we learn.

Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter in the 1st House/Aries: Original spunk, winning attitude, energy to rise. Eg Michael Buble. “When he was a teenager, he slept with his Bible and prayed to become a singer.” They’re plugged into some supernatural source of mojo that keeps them powering along but can often freak out the peeps with raw ambition.

Jupiter in the 2nd House/Taurus: These Jupiter folk are canny with cash, they are automatic Law Of Awesome. Investing, earning and keeping $$$ is their specialty. Lavish appetites. Adele, Madonna, Bill Gates.

Jupiter in the 3rd House/Gemini: The Power Of Glib. Ability to seemingly glomp genius ideas straight from the cosmos. Eloquence, oratory, fiendish interest in gossip. Information brokers. Colin Farrell. Toni Morrison: “If there is a book that you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Jupiter in the 4th House/Cancer: Home is Fortune. Never neglect the Feng Shui nor resent domestic upkeep. Even if childhood was crappy, this Jupiter mines something rad out of it. Jennifer Lawrence turned to acting to overcome her childhood anxiety & depression. Magical Realists; Isabel Allende.

Jupiter in the 5th House/Leo: Super-star manifesting abilities, the party is with them, genuine dedication to the arts, parenting, quality of being. Star Power: Jim Morrison, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Catherine Deneuve, Tom Cruise, Bruce Lee. Charisma machine.

Jupiter in the 6th House/Virgo: Nuance brokers. Like Jupiter in Gemini/3rd House, this gives peeps WITS & the ability to write/analyze their way out of any mess. Yoko Ono: “You may think I am small but i have a universe inside my mind.”

Jupiter in the 7th House/Libra: You SEEK expansive and amazing relationships. Sometimes with everyone. Definitely a power alliance booster. Traditionally; the Good Catch. Taylor Swift – note the working of her break-ups into profitable music + power-hook-ups with also strong besties.

Jupiter in the 8th House/Scorpio: Sexy Vibes, aptitude at conjuring up cult worship, libido, obsession with Sex/$$$/Power/the Occult. Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears. Helen “Bridget Jones Diary” Fielding. Marina Abramovic. Think also; Kurt Vonnegut: “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can, without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see in the center.”

Jupiter in the 9th House/Sagittarius: Seekers, nomads and eternal students. Ebullient as fuq & with the ability to bounce back from more or less anything. They thrive on through different eras, perhaps in part because of their ease with knowledge. This lot will erase their “hard drive” and start over when the intuit it’s right. Einstein, David Bowie, Jared Leto.

Jupiter in the 10th House/Capricorn: Contenders, fighters, scrappers. This is Jupiter in the sign or the house of Saturn. They blend vital life force and a mad desire for security with pure, raw hoof grip on even the most sheer of rock faces. This is the placement most likely to rise from adversity to triumph, along with Jupiter in 1st House/Aries. Bono, Eminem, Katy Perry. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. Cristian Ronaldo came from poverty to become one of (if not THE) highest ranked and best paid football players in the world. To be fair, sometimes Jupiter in Capricorn/10th House says Born To Rule. Eg; Prince Harry. It’s a big-bucks placement, however you get there.

Jupiter in the 11th House/Aquarius: You make a shit load of money/fame/happiness from avant garde ideas and rocking ‘the boat.’ You CAN! You can be an iconoclast and still be popular. Think columnist Christopher Hitchens, Ellen De Generes or the Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer.

Jupiter in the 12th House/Pisces: These people specialize in what seems like supernatural intervention. Something often occurs in early life (not always something good) and it raises their spiritual consciousness. Think hefty spirit guides and sensational intuition which they use to make a raving fool out of everyone else who dares imitate their genius. Diana Vreeland, David Beckham, Beyonce, Isabel Allende, Da Vinci, Freud. They have secrets.

Jupiter on Saturn is an especially MAJOR success indicator, as the expansive principles of Jupiter is balanced by the astringent vibe of Saturn. Ebullience put to work. But Jupiter Pluto is known as the Mogul Aspect by the ancients. Eg: Warren Buffett.

J.K Rowling is our example for Jupiter. She’s the super talented, multi-­‐millionaire author of the Harry Potter series. She represents many Jupiter values –she has enriched our culture, she is a champion of education, she has wisdom and she has risen from the proverbial rags to riches.

Remember, rising is the same as ascendant. For example, J.K Rowling has Gemini Rising.

She is a Gemini Ascendant. She has Jupiter Rising. Jupiter is conjunct (aka adjacent to) her Ascendant in Gemini.

All these statements are true. To be literal about it, Jupiter and the constellation of Gemini, were rising over the horizon at the time of her birth. And the birth chart is but a map of the stars, the astral scape, at the moment of our birth. As above, so below – we are a reflection of that moment in time.

We share its characteristics and potential. For an example of her Jupiter Rising in Gemini in action, watch this–JK Rowling speaks at Harvard. And yes, we will be doing the Rising Signs

in more detail later but Gemini IS the sign of the Scribe, the Wordsmith, the Magician with Words.


So find YOUR natal Jupiter and work out what it is next to –if anything –its sign and its house.

Image: John Alcorn

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