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When You Have The Sun Conjunct the South Node


So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.  (Fitzgerald = Jupiter on the South Node).

What does it mean when you have the Sun Conjunct the South Node

The South Node is, at the very least, a point within a birth chart that represents the past. And of course, in karmic astrology, it is the point at which you enter “this life”.

(Learn more about the Nodes in the Houses or for a more light-hearted take, the It’s Your Past Life Competition, from 2011.)

But this post is about what it means when the Sun – symbolising who you are striving to be, your persona, how you self-actualise, your Yang – is conjunct a super Yin point like the South Node.  The classic advice is to avoid lingering in the themes, people and places associated with your South Node energies.  Broadly speaking, you navigate toward your North Node areas for best results in life. The South Node is like a comfort zone that can very easily stagnate.

For example, a South Node in Libra may feel extremely comfortable working in tandem with others and automatically seek to partner in all circumstances. But it would be the rugged individualism of the Aries North Node that delivers the true benefits. Aquarius South Node can want to isolate and tend toward chilly austerity – the Leo North Node – culture/the arts/fabulousness/fashion – would be the most successful path.

And as established here: South Node love interests can be dangerous.  When a person has personal planets on your South Node, they feel poignantly familiar, the pull is incredible and very hard to resist but just because they are your ex from a past life/previous existence, does not mean the situation is appropriate in the now. Past life connection does not automatically = fuq yeah fantastic lets merge vibes.

So knowing all this, what does it mean when the Sun (or Moon, Mercury, Venus) are conjunct the South Node. That’s not going to be an area of life that is easy to shun. The vital Sun, Moon or personal planet almost anchor you to it.

So first of all, ignore the gloom-mongering karma police out there who claim that these placements mean you or the person with this has some sort of massive karmic burden. That’s crap. It’s like the more old fashioned takes on the 12th House or Pisces as being about “self-undoing.”

Secondly be open to the possibility that your consciousness could automatically veer toward the past as in your recall of other times, other dimensions is more potent than that of most other people. This is particularly the case when Mercury is the planet involved. You don’t even realise that your intuitive familiarity with other eras of time, lost cities and long-gone cultures is not the norm.  You see a suit of armour in a museum and register alarm. Your dreams are like long lucid epics that leave you psychically exhausted upon awakening, homesick for a place you never went to. You will often have wisdom or know something about a subject and you have no idea how the hell you knew. You’re intimately connected on some etheric level with your previous lives. It can be incredibly useful – just become aware that most people don’t have this.

Thirdly, on a practical level, it’s not good for  you to be too mired in your past – as in this life. When you’re a South Node person, minimalism and being defined by who you are today, in your body – as opposed to by things or by previous achievements – is vital. Any sort of a ritual or exercise routine that constantly resets you to contemporary settings is really good for you.

Fourthly, when you have the Sun conjunct the South Node you’re automatically charismatic and if you go with the karmic astrologers, you were a somebody in a past life. But if you coast along this round, automatically entitled and using your charisma like a cheap discount certificate to get crap you want or admiration, you never grow. So when you’re packing planetary influences on the South Node, accept that you come with more past life oomph than most (think luggage – not baggage) and redouble your efforts to work the North Node, while also developing mindful ways to use the South Node.

Helen Keller – who overcame major adversity and disability to become a hugely influential humanitarian  – had Venus and the Sun conjunct her South Node in Cancer FYI.

Image: Jeune Et Jolie


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  • Reply Lise January 22, 2018 at 10:38 am

    WOW. This was truly eye-opening, relevant, and inspiring (especially the Helen Keller factoid at the end) because I have Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on my South Node. Thanks, Mystic!

  • Reply sarah January 22, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Thank you, what a great hack. I LOVE Luggage instead of Baggage. This 31st Jan eclipse is lose conjunct my natal North Node Leo and South Node Mercury Mars Conjunction in Aquarius. Its exactly opposite my Mars in Aquarius. And its feeling INTENSE. This has allowed me to reframe the SN stuff.

    • Reply Kay January 29, 2018 at 4:59 am

      What do you make of your Mars in Aquarius? Any personal hacks used to channel it effectively? I’ve got mine in 12th square my Sun…

  • Reply SilkCharm January 22, 2018 at 10:50 am

    Nothing, zippedydooda on my south node. Squares to both nodes (saturn, mars, pluto, uranus) which I’m fine with. Woot! I get a pass! 😛

  • Reply Blisswitch January 22, 2018 at 11:01 am

    I have the s. node smack in the middle of my Mars/Pluto conj in Scorpio in the 1st.

    I’ve had trouble reading this beyond, “don’t be a powerful evil magician for money.”

    • Reply milleunanotte January 22, 2018 at 8:50 pm

      Another look, might be that you were once taken down and made to believe you (and probably yours) suffered because you MUST have been as evil and greedy as “they” said.

      Most likely you earned money or sustenance for you and whoever you supported through amazing powerful works, Craft, and deep understanding. When it was taken from you, it was done with full emotional/spiritual abuse and venom, too. You may have supported a family, or animals or vegetative natural environment. Scorpios are incredibly protective and caring of their dearest. So the destruction of the ones you protected could have fed this belief that you contributed to it when they destroyed you.

      I’m somewhat in awe of the Mars/Pluto placement in Scorpio 1st you describe. It’s a little scary just having Mars square Pluto for me, though tremendous for surviving. Cannot imagine the bang of the conjunct, and in a Rising House, where people can see it but maybe not understand what they see. If you do any ritual for the upcoming eclipse, think of the opposing Taurus NN and honour Mars Steel, with a kitchen knife, letter opener, gardening fork, sewing scissors, or something sharp used as a tool that nourishes your home life, along with your other things. In candle light, see it as shining gold. Maybe sounds more Leo than Tau, but it’s definitely treasure of the earth. If you don’t perform any rite, visualise, maybe not exactly that but you can riff off what i suggest and personalise it. You could also visualise or bury a symbol deep in the earth afterwards, and water it in. It’s like Pluto/Hades and Gaia, SN to NN.

    • Reply milleunanotte January 22, 2018 at 11:04 pm

      Golden eagle, or Shining Phoenix…just saw a tarot card that made me swing back to the Gold i saw from the metal. Aquila is the eagle, i think. And Mars Pluto in Scorpio is Regeneration, while its opposite corner in The Wheel of Fortune is the golden winged Bull.

      • Reply 5 star Sag January 23, 2018 at 6:32 am

        This is all so beautiful and potent a gift. I have been wanting to buy a beautiful pair of scissors for the garden for years and I think maybe I will tomorrow. And maybe some seeds.


  • Reply quietglamour January 22, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Virgo Moon conjunct South node. Contemporary is not my forte.
    I love the past and have a hard time finding a place to belong in the modern world.

  • Reply Chloe January 22, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Pluto conjunct South Node in Scorpio in 5th house. Hmmmmm that explains some things…

  • Reply Sphinx January 22, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    This is really cool, I have my Asc on my South Node in Gemini. My Gemini SN placement is enhanced by my Mercury being really active in my chart.
    I love past life regression and do it for others and at Uni I majored in Classical History.

    Also it may be worth mentioning the old partner – my NN is in my 7th after all – who has Saturn, Mercury, Venus exact my South Node with the Sun close by.
    So Gemini south node influence is a powerful
    force to be reckoned with in my life.

    Gem guy and I have lots of Cancerian influence too in our charts. So this idea of needing being up to date and yet having affinity with the past is resonant.

    I once had a vision in meditation of my oversoul being a Tree of Life on which hung all my interconnected lives like fruit. I had access and felt almost a duty to record these multiple lives.

  • Reply Centaurus January 22, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    I am a Sol | South Node exact individual and on and off in a circular fashion I always come back to this be that by my own curiosity or by meeting up with someone who is actually from an earlier (not able to be specified or articulated) time and place. The 7th will do that to you I guess….

    I don’t coast along perse… life has delivered me enough phoenix moments for that to be rendered null and void but …. I can get lazy and I have wondered if that’s my ascendant but it could be my SN.

    I have recently come across a North Node remedy which is an essence not too dissimilar to that of say, a flower or gem essence and really needed to get my hands on that and align it with my new moon which was pretty close to my Sun/SN and point the ship in a new direction. Well.. for the first couple of times I actually felt off balance, light headed and wobbly on my feet. I guess I was recalculating my coordinates. It is a little too early to tell but I did recently wake with a sense of something being completely done and feeling very light and even buoyant and irrationally upbeat so perhaps the inner compass is reorientating. It’s perhaps too soon to tell but if it’s pointing me that way then great. Evolutionary Astro would tell me to do SN due to a skipped step theory which I’m not sure I resonate with and don’t have enough insight into the process.

    Ironically enough I was reading something today that suggested the north node is often found in an element that doesn’t rank highly in a chart if at all (eg empty house syndrome – well of course it’s NOT a syndrome as such) and that’s actually true for me. Is that true for anyone else?

    I was also reading that house rather than sign is really important for Node delineation. This.. I tend to agree with.

    Perfect timing Mystic. Just perfect.

    And… okaaaay, I do coast along at different points.. but not always. Hmmm.

    • Reply RainbowGirl January 23, 2018 at 2:49 am

      I just looked at a few charts and yeah for my son he has no other fire placements, I have no other earth (other than my ascendent which is conjunct my NN), and my boyfriend has his NN in cancer and just two planets in Scorpio (mercury and uranus), so that seems true.

      • Reply Centaurus January 23, 2018 at 9:21 am

        Thank you Rainbowgirl. I’ve just checked a few charts myself and found some to fit this quite accurately and then a couple of fire signs that have well inhabited fire houses so I’ll be watching that more broadly and see if there are any themes that emerge besides the one I always come back to – there are no absolutes 🙂

  • Reply Calli G. January 22, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    I have my south node conjunct my sun in Libra. And, goodness, did I have some unhealthy pairing attempts in my youth. My life pretty much started when I began acting more like an individual Aries, and the more I do that the better things work out. But it was a hard change.

  • Reply RainbowGirl January 23, 2018 at 2:35 am

    I have my south node at 1 degree Capricorn conjunct my ascendent (and my north node conjunct my descendent in Cancer in the 6th house). I was told it means the theme of dependency/independence is big for me, balancing service to others with my own interests, feeling safe depending on others, feeling good supporting others because I come from a more selfish background where I didn’t take others into account. I’d love any other interpretations of it. I have Neptune conjunct my south node as well but the Neptune is in the 12th house at 29 Sag. Mysticism/other worldly stuff, compassion comes very naturally to me, I’ve always gravitated to it and when I was old enough to read I swear it was like a balm for my soul to read about past lives and magic and real love. I’ve also read that north node conjunct descendent can undermine having a strong sense of self.

    My son has the sun and mercury conjunct his south node in gemini in the 7th house. He’s amazingly verbal (read: does not stop talking) and has an impressive vocabulary (he seems to pick new words out of nowhere and uses them perfectly), loves to perform, loves to act out emotions and is incredibly expressive, and places a huge emphasis on his relationships with others. We have a lot of talks about how it’s ok to have many friends, that he doesn’t need to have just one best friend, he worries about my love for him and gets insecure that I have a life away from him (he used to hate if I mentioned life before he was born). So a real focus on love and relationships, and I think his first house north node means he’s also gotta be free and develop himself for himself so I encourage that. Lately a real interest in being an actor is coming out and weirdly two family members (my mom and an aunt) made a connection to him being an actor the week he was born because his face was so developed and expressive for a newborn.

    • Reply RainbowGirl January 23, 2018 at 2:57 am

      Looking at the charts of friends and family, the two chattiest people I know have their south node conjunct mercury in the 11th in Sag, the other in Gemini in the 7th, that’s pretty cool. It’s like speaking is breathing for them, no effort involved and it’s a part of who they are.

      Also someone who feels like a soul sister to me and we can talk for hours about everything but especially yoga/meditation/astrology has her south node in Scorpio conjunct Neptune.

      • Reply Centaurus January 23, 2018 at 9:17 am

        The terrain of nodes is all a bit of guess work and intuition unless you’re getting downloads from the other side or have had a regression that aligns with themes in your chart but I have a bit of Saggi/Gem energy in my chart which always tempts me to have a go, yes even the nodes.

        Can I just check … Cancer rules your 7th but the NN sits conjunct on the 6th house side of Dsc, yes?

        For me, Capricorn can invoke authority and leadership so if I was considering this within the themes of houses 1/7 I would see it more in a authority, power or control way which yes, generally doesn’t take others feelings into consideration perhaps but also doesn’t set up the structure with ignoring others feelings as a fundamental motivation so it’s a secondary output if it’s to be considered at all. Well, ok it’s probably going to need to be considered but my point is there is the leader and there is the tyrant and their motivations are different but both will likely restrict freedoms of others as that’s leadership so be mindful not to go all ‘tyrant and martyr’ in this axis with these signs.
        The south node is meant to represent ‘a past’ perhaps the last lifetime or perhaps an earlier one and never strictly says ‘a bad past’ rather I think of it as something that you ideally don’t want to repeat but it’s something your soul will feel desire or pulled to repeat because of its sense of familiarity.

        If you work better with archetypes throw in the politician, judge, king, general etc as descriptors but Capricorn is still a Yin sign so I’d keep that in mind and probably see what Saturn was doing as well.

        And it’s interesting instead of the 1/7 polarity you have 1/6 which is not relationships with others as much as it’s service to others be that via work, in the family, community or in a partnership. Though of course relationship is the stage where these themes are played out.

        The nodes are a beautiful mystery. One of my fave points in a chart to speculate upon and explore but we still have to be comfortable with no fixed address kind of destinations on the journey because even if it feels right or we were gifted a snapshot of something past we still don’t see the whole picture and experience tells me to keep my assumptions kind of loose and fluid and go with your a-hah moments regardless of what you get told. As an aside that would possibly be great use of a Cap SN – discernment and the wisdom that can only be gained from experience.

        • Reply RainbowGirl January 24, 2018 at 7:15 am

          “Cancer rules your 7th but the NN sits conjunct on the 6th house side of Dsc, yes?” – Yes that’s correct. I have Saturn conjunct the moon in the 10th conjunct the MC in Scorpio, Pluto is a 5 degrees away in Libra on the other side of the MC, the NN is trine to them.

          Thanks for your perspective on the nodes, mystery indeed. My boyfriend’s got a 1st house SN and 7th house NN in the same signs as me, but he’s Saggy rising while I’m Cappy rising.

          • Centaurus January 24, 2018 at 10:31 am

            That’s pretty cool, so you’re both orientating in the same way but with different approached which always adds some depth or in your case the whole structure and order vs none of that and road trip anyone. I do this inside my head as a person with loads of Saggi/Cap activity.

            Oh, and just as a bit of an afterthought, where is your son’s Moon? That’s usually indicative of safety or not and can also reflect the ‘past’ though it depends on which astrology you look at. The Sun/Merc SN could mean trips to other lives can be easily and safely navigated and what was retrieved could be used in the now. Acting is one thing but I immediately felt some sort of channel vibe as well. Mercury/Gem would be talking on hyper drive! In the 7th you become the (captive) audience

          • RainbowGirl January 30, 2018 at 7:01 am

            Centaurus – yes haha exactly it will be the weekend and I will be like “hey it’s 10 a.m. and we haven’t had breakfast or walked the dog or started the laundry” and my boyfriend is like “yes isn’t it wonderful?”. He mellows me out and I provide him with some structure and together we get a lot done but also have fun doing it. We also have a moon-sun thing (he is a 2nd house moon I’m a 2nd house sun, I’m a 10th house moon and he’s a 9th house moon, I have Saturn conjunct my moon and he has Saturn conjunct his sun), as well as mercury conjunct moon doubly conjunct so we read each other’s minds and never argue, it still catches me off guard when he’ll say what I was thinking or suggest doing something I wanted to do.

            My son’s moon is in the 11th house in Libra, opposite Jupiter in the 5th house, and trine his Neptune in Pisces and his Sun/Mercury. He definitely channels, for his age he’s really astute with things like technology and asks a lot of questions about past civilizations and seems to grok things really quickly, when he was a toddler he’d talk about when he was a girl, or when I was a boy, and get upset that I had a life before he was born, or ask me how the pipes in the house work or how the internet works or how satellites work, totaly space cadet. Without any pressure from me or his dad he expresses interest in doing something important with his life when he grows up like being a scientist that cleans water for people, he wants to study robotics and computers, very curious and self-directed.

            His moon is conjunct my MC (where Pluto, my moon, and Saturn hang out in my chart), so cool how things line up.

          • Centaurus February 1, 2018 at 8:02 am

            Your household sounds a great place to hang out how wonderful to have a partner with that kind of synergy. Your son sounds like he’s quite an exceptional soul and he’s fortunate (or selected) his mum who is all over this kind of stuff and happy to let it flow as it needs to. He might be able to tap the collective quite accurately and he may well be from the future in the sense that by the time he is of ‘scientist’ age so to speak cleaning water may be even more critical than it is today and perhaps we’ll have moved away from some of the chemicals that get used today. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing actually. I started my post eclipse – didn’t sleep so well/weird dreams- day slowly with desire for more sleep and a much needed coffee and gentle cruise through some posts and this just made me smile and lifted my energy somehow x

  • Reply Ashley January 23, 2018 at 7:53 am

    I see a couple people have commented on having their AC conjunct their SN. Any thoughts on it conjunct the MC? Seems like it’s a lot of conflicting energy – since NN is conjunct IC. My very first thought trying to visualize the energy is the infinity sign. I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts on how to interpret that.

    • Reply Centaurus January 23, 2018 at 10:21 am

      Prior experience or perhaps even desire to be known for something in a career | ancestral line where the baton is passed to the next member | the expectation that you’ll study X and become Y | a sense that you’ll never be valued if you don’t achieve something | success and acclaim

      The list could be endless but the 10th is where our wares are on display and we’re either applauded and received or not even noticed. Everywhere else in between and looking at what we do/say too ourselves is really where this expedition starts before we drop into the 4th. What is our definition of success. Is it ours etc? It’s where we feel satisfied with what we do as a representation of our skills and gifts or not. It’s above the horizon so feels quite distinct in terms of what we see, think and know about it’s themes and is often just summed up as work, career, success. These are just the track up a mountain but can never describe that journey or the feeling you get at the top.
      The 4th is our family, roots and feelings about this. It’s too simplistic to me to say that and gaze back as far as grandma…. as the darkest part of our chart it contains things that we don’t see, only feel.. or sense.. accurately or otherwise so it stands that it must also contain shadowy elements. And it will contain the shadow of a lineage that we today have long forgotten or perhaps never known but has been handed down along with the expectations or the things we set out to experience as souls. The paradox of a place of comfort and safety or it’s exact opposite and most will have experiences of both to one degree or another. Perhaps one reason why we have a tendency to ricochet out of the 4th into 10? It’s also where we can be encouraged (use your imagination here eg gently or in a you will not inherit a thing unless you do X) to become someone outside the home and this brings us back to themes of love, acceptance, safety etc, which are themes of the 4th that sometimes people only achieve or appear to achieve by doing the 10th in a way that can buy or win these things.
      Always there are lots of ways to look at one thing, as many ways as their are humans so this is just one. Freedom (and I can also use that word to mean insight and understanding as it implies a widening of choice) is always found by going toward the thing/s we resist or find challenging with a curiosity and willingness to explore. I love how easy it is to type this and to sub to this theory and quietly chuckle at the times I am not able to apply it as readily as I can type it.

      • Reply Centaurus January 23, 2018 at 7:44 pm

        ‘the darkest part of our chart’ excluding the 12th right… the dark of our shadow not the collective and our shadow within the ancestral line etc.. sorry that might have read quite confusing or misleading.

  • Reply babysinclair January 25, 2018 at 4:06 am

    I have my south node in my 1st house, in Libra. I’ve definitely found it more rewarding to cultivate my individualism especially in the context of relationships (thanks, Uranus in Aries). Also, an odd one (I’m late to the party here on south node posts) – my husband’s Mars is conjunct my south node, and his Jupiter (ruling planet as he is Sag rising) is conjunct my north node in Aries… more blessings for individuating within our relationship? past present future soulmates? we do have a number of the soul mate indicators checked off… anyone more removed and detached from the situation than me have any thoughts on that weirdness?

    • Reply Centaurus January 29, 2018 at 8:46 pm

      I’m happy to throw up some ideas for you 🙂 With Jupiter on you’re NN 7th there might be the invitation to explore new ways of relating, expand the relationship beyond the traditional or paradoxically stick to a formula. Jupiter/Saggo can get a bit dogmatic with some things and so there is a tradition aspect that is generally more around beliefs than the structured version of Saturn. There could be adventures or lots of travel together or relocations, camping trips? Are you two very social and out and about together? How does this work eg does his Jupiter throw a suggestion and your NN pings off and says yes or do you initiate and then Jupiter says yeah why not? Aries can be up for anything and perhaps both Jupiter and Aries make you two very active or energetic in combined pursuits? Does Jupiter take over in his expansiveness which activates the NN/Aries and subsequently your Mars wherever that may be? Does Jupiter move you out of your comfy zone in SN/Libra where harmony and peace could likely have some influence?

      Aries wants to individuate but the 7th wants relationship. Libra wants partnership but the 1st wants to individuate. Sounds like you are comfortable working your north node by your first sentence so wondering if you have any notable examples or insights when you felt you were operating more from a SN perspective and did that trigger his Mars in a particular way or did his Mars trigger you to orientate more from a SN perspective?

  • Reply rachel January 25, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    2nd house South node is 25 Leo–between mars @23 and venus, 29. I also have Sun 0 and mercury 6 leo.

    I have thought on this quite a bit as the recent solar eclipse was bang on venus, the previous lunar bang on mars.

    Venus and mars though, really,?! Lol. Also asteroid geisha is bang on my South node– what to think about that idk

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