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Lets delve into the Virgo Vibe!!

Virgo is associated with the planet Mercury and the Sixth House so this is a highly MENTAL sign. A strong Virgo has lists upon lists constantly ticking off inside their heads. And they never stop – even at so called “perfection”.

Yes, The Virgo Vibe is slightly obsessive, but being detail oriented is no bad thing! They have massive observation skills that can be applied in so many ways, and really Virgo cognition is PRECISE. Really this vibe is highly intelligent.

Just look at brilliant multi-Virgo Amy Poehler! Amy is a producer/writer/comedian/actress and has Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto here. And much to the vibe of Virgo – she is extremely witty and sharp.


Amy also co-founded the genius organization/site Smart Girls – an informative and funny “guide” for young women. Things like guides, catalogs, manuals, and such are hugely appealing for Virgos. It soothes their constantly active brains and puts things in ORDER. A Virgo fav!

Amy is clearly an inspired workaholic, which is also tres Virgo. And her Virgo energy is lurking in her Plutonian 8th house.

“I get a little itchy if I don’t have some control.” – Amy Poehler

It’s hard for heavy Virgo types to still the mind FYI. There is a nervousness that seems to hover thanks to their hamster-wheel brain. It’s almost best to channel this nervous energy into sorting shit out, cleaning or some sort of solid scheduling.

I get nervous when I don’t get nervous. If I’m nervous I know I’m going to have a good show. – Beyonce, who has Sun in Virgo

It’s also a well-known fact that Virgos are modest too. I mean generally the are not the spotlight seekers of say… LEO. They also have impeccable taste due to their discretion. They don’t pile everything on and clash like Saggo. It’s refined but seriously chic and nuanced.

Actress Michelle Williams who has Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn in Virgo.


Serious cleaning is truly an art form to Virgos! It’s like insta-zen to de-gunk things and get everything in it’s EXACT place. A clutter-free space is a clutter-free mind sort of thing. A true Virgo needs this minimalistic feel to have epic clarity.

Virgo is EARTH and massively sensitive to their bodily functions. Good digestion is paramount, so Virgo is highly selective of what they do and don’t put in their bodies.

A brilliant example of this is Madonna who has Virgo rising, Pluto, Mercury, Ceres, and Moon. She apparently follows a super strict macrobiotic diet and has a rigorous work schedule, and does NOT fuq around. Honestly how can you when you look like this?!

On a side note, for learning purposes – check out Madonna’s 10th house. It technically doesn’t have any planets here but you can’t get more PUBLIC than Madonna, right? So please don’t think if I don’t have planets in my 10th, my career is crap! No, we have proof – Madonna!

Moving on….so the Virgo Vibe is also highly sensitized. Wherever Virgo is in your chart is where you can easily sniff out things are “off”. Your observation powers are seriously honed in here, so think on that.

Even if you don’t have any Virgo planets, the Moon stays here for 2 and a half days every month. So regardless you still get Virgo activation! This is the best time to tackle laundry, get organized, focus on health, and busily tackle every lingering thing that you’ve been putting off…

The Virgo Vibe is just so beyond for haute composure and competence.

And sure, Virgo is known for being a little too critical and nagging, but this sign is more about details mastery. Massively vigilant and highly perceptive. Truly brilliant!!

So where is yours???

Image: Rene Gruau

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